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Tissage Moutet

Maison Images d’Épinal

The IMAGERIE D’EPINAL is the most famous imagery and the last still active in the world. From the 18th to the 20th century, imageries played a major role in the transmission of popular knowledge, spreading their illustrated sheets throughout Europe. The IMAGE D’EPINAL, famous to the point that it has become an idiom in french language, has always kept up with the times. Its technique of artisanal reproduction by lithography and colouring with stencil is immediately recognizable.

It has given – and still gives – birth to thousands of images, living testimonies of history and current events for two centuries. It is today inseparable from French culture. Tissage Moutet’s designers have got the chance to access the incredible iconographic archives of MAISON IMAGE D’EPINAL where they found great inspiration for their 2021 collection.

In this collection...