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Tissage Moutet


At Moutet, we like challenges and young designers. Do you have a textile project, or would you like to bring one of your designs to life? Discover the “Open Factory” programme.

The Moutet factory opens its doors to you for a unique collaboration. Come and weave your own creations with the help of our team’s know-how. You’ll be the master of your own project and will be able to follow all stages of the manufacturing process up to the finished product.

This programme will enable you to weave your prototypes without commitment, including small or medium batches and even unique pieces.



We invite you to come and visit our workshops to see for yourself the techniques and possibilities that we offer. Throughout the creation process, you will be welcome at the factory, where we will be ready and willing to help you.

If you are unable to come to our factory, we  talk to you by phone or email and  create mock-ups based on your designs. You will then receive woven samples to help you decide on the finish and colours. Then you will be able to refine your creation with the support of our team. Once you have approved it, we will manufacture and send it to you.

Contact us by email or by telephone
laura@tissage-moutet.com – 00 33 5 59 69 14 33