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Tissage Moutet


Inspired by the archives of Tissage Moutet, the world-famous designer has created a collection of 6 projects that reinvented table linen and its uses: emblematic tea towels, an endless column tablecloth, endless column napkins, an endless column tea towel, flags and a tote bag. “I wanted to preserve this Basque strength by adding a vibration to it,” explains the designer. “It’s not just an everyday product or a decorative element. The company is on a human scale. It has values and conveys beautiful messages: authenticity, the relationship with nature, the environment… it gives the possibility, through domestic rituals, to affirm things”, concludes matali.

matali crasset x tissage moutet
matali crasset portrait

matali crasset travels through a variety of worlds. From crafts to electronic music; from the textile industry to fair trade; from scenography to furniture; from graphics to architecture… the industrial designer (by training) has established herself as a great creator, who loves to break the rules that govern our daily lives.